10 Gifts For The Hashimoto’s Warrior In Your Life

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and, with it, the overwhelming marketing of gifts made with refined sugar or harmful toxins. If you have a Hashimoto’s Warrior in your life, you may be at a loss when it comes to what to gift your Hashi Girl on Valentine’s Day. Have no fear. There are tons of options that will show not only your appreciation, but also your understanding of the unique struggles your autoimmune warrior faces. If you are the one working hard to reverse an autoimmune disorder, share this post as a gentle hint to your friends and family.😊

  1. Naturally Sugar-Free Chocolate – Don’t feel you have to skip chocolate entirely. Everything in moderation my friends! I recently discovered ChocoPerfection, an amazing sugar-free chocolate brand. Their dark chocolate tastes fantastic and is sweetened only with chicory root. No artificial sweeteners and naturally sugar-free? Yes! Amazon carries ChocoPerfection as does my local co-op and some Whole Foods stores.
  2. Thrive Market – I love Thrive Market because they offer the ability to search their online store by Paleo or Gluten Free. These categories make it easy for the buyer to feel confident about their purchases. From bone broth to paleo snacks, there are many ways to splurge on Thrive Market that are also Hashi compliant.
  3. Fresh Juice – Project Juice is my go-to pressed, organic juice for travel. They ship everywhere in the continental US. But, with their membership service, I enjoy their delicious nectars at home as well. They offer detox sets for cleansing or you can choose your own combination for a daily treat. Project Juice has both electronic and physical gift cards, and, with multiple shipping options and free delivery, you can gift a six-pack to be delivered the next day. Another option is to hit up your local juice store to support small business. Most juice bars now offer acai bowls. My favorite place in Boise is Boise Juice. Their raspberry peanut butter acai bowl and Golden Greens juice can make any bad day better in my book.
  1. Au Naturale Cosmetics I have become increasingly aware that I need to choose my personal care products carefully. Toxins and chemicals that can impact my thyroid and general healing process are often lurking in the ingredient list. This is why I switched to all-natural, gluten free makeup. Au Naturale Cosmetics offers clean, vegan, gluten-free mineral make up that performs the same or better as conventional cosmetics. Their gift cards range from $25 – $250. Or, select one of their many sets such as the Start Up Foundation Kit or Get the Look Eye Palette.
  2. Spiralizer  – Zucchini noodles anyone? Whether she is AIP, Paleo or just eating healthier, spiralizers are a fun way for your Hashi Warrior to introduce more vegetables into their meals. With an affordable price tag of under $30, this is one household product gift that won’t land you in the doghouse.
  3. Compliant Cookbook – A cookbook can make a new diet attainable, and dare I say, fun. They are especially practical if your Hashi Girl is new to an autoimmune protocol. My favorite Hashi friendly resources are the cookbooks by Dr. Mark Hyman, Jennifer Robbins’ site Predominately Paleo and Danielle Walker’s site Against the Grain.
  4. Spice Garden – Don’t get me wrong flowers are awesome. However, if you want to win over a Hashi Girl’s heart, a spice plant is even better! Adding spices such as basil, mint and oregano really makes a difference for a meal. Plus, they are just so cute.
  5. Kombucha Kit Is your Valentine working on healing her gut or looking for an extra dose of probiotics? A Kombucha Kit is a fun way to do both. And, while growing your own mold may sound gross to some, it sounds pretty darn cool to me. This has been on my wishlist for quite some time. (hint, hint hubby)
  6. Tea There is something about a hot tea in my hands that soothes my soul. Whether you select a healing tea like Trader Joe’s Ginger Turmeric or a naturally caffeine free rooibos tea, you can’t go wrong with a pretty mug and quality tea as a gift. If your lady wants some caffeine, green tea and Runa are great options.
  7. Vitamix – This blender is the one kitchen appliance I simply can’t live without. So much so, I have even taken it with me to Vegas! My VitaMix is my everything. I kick off every morning with nutrient-rich leafy green smoothies. There is no faster way to make a delicious smoothie than a VitaMix (or another high-performance blender such as a BlendTec). Even though that’s what I use it for most, a VitaMix isn’t just for smoothies. Whip up an amazing vegan soup, nut creams or acai bowls in minutes. Not a day goes by that I don’t use my VitaMix. And while the price tag is hefty, it is well worth the investment.

Is there anything I missed on this list? I would love to hear your recommendations! Hope your holiday is filled with love, appreciation and gluten-free goodness.


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