Let’s start with who I am not. I am not a doctor or a nurse practitioner. I am just your average ‘lay person’ struggling to reverse my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease. I started this website because many of my friends are being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s as well. Since I have been so vocal about my journey, people were coming to me with questions. I love sharing my personal journey, tips, challenges, and successes. I love it so much that I thought, why not expand my reach. So here I am…sharing with you my ups and downs of conquering this disease and leading a healthy life for myself and my family.

Other random facts about me

  • My best friend of 30+ years is a health coach so I get a lot of info from her.
  • I am a total sugar addict so I will write a lot about that struggle
  • I am a mom of two amazing kids and a wife to a hot hunter
  • I am 46
  • I am self-employed which gives me some great flexibility
  • I am an affiliate manager so you can expect to see some affiliate links on this site…well cuz it is what I do