Here are some of the most common questions I get asked when someone just got diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and wants to talk to me about it. Please note, I include affiliate links throughout this site and on this page. If you click on my link, I receive a small commission that will go to the hosting of this site and if I get lucky pay for a supplement or sugar free chocolate.

What was the first thing you did to start feeling better?

Here is the quick version of that answer. I did a 6-month elimination diet. I eliminated dairy, gluten, caffeine, and sugar. I limited fruit to berries only as they were low in sugar. The diet I followed was by Dr Mark Hyman. I read his book, The Blood Sugar Solution,  like it was a a murder mystery versus a health book 🙂  He gives different diet options and I went for the most extreme. I was ready to feel better. My diet meant no grains, gluten, dairy, alcohol, sugar, or caffeine. I could only have berries for fruit as these had the lowest sugar. Please note, in addition to having been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, I also had adrenal fatigue and high blood sugar levels.

When did you to start feeling better?

About two weeks into the new diet and increased thyroid medicine. It did get worse before it got better. I went cold turkey on sugar and caffeine which lead to some serious detox symptoms like headaches and being tired.

What thyroid medicine do you take?

I started on Synthroid, then moved to Naturtyroid and am now taking both Synthroid and levothyroxine. The point here is that I worked closely with my doctor to get my meds right. If you don’t feel better with the first set, or even second,  of medicine, please talk to your doctor. You and your doctor should have open communication. If you don’t, find a new doctor.

 What test did you take when you were first diagnosed?

The main Hashimoto’s tests were antibodies, thyroid, and a sonogram. I also had full bloodwork done to determine where I was lacking in minerals and vitamins. Unfortunately, my B12 and vitamin D were both tanked

What supplements do you take?

I take Usana’s multivitamin pack, probiotic and fish oil. I take a Thorne Research – Vitamin D/K2 Liquid that works for me. You can get Usana on my health coach’s (and BFF’s) site here.