Here you will find my favorite resources ranging from books to gluten-free goodies to experts in the field. Please note, I have some affiliate links on the page. If you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission which helps aid sugar-free chocolate addiction.

Reading Materials

The Blood Sugar Solution Dr Hyman – Per my doctor’s recommendation, this book was my first stop on my journey. It started me on a 6-month elimination diet that kicked off my reversal of hashimotos

The Autoimmune Solution – and then I went deep into the cause of my disease with this book.’

Favorite Foodie Websites

These are my favorite foodie websites. However, I have a confession. I typically just type in the meat I have and paleo to search for recipes.

Predominately Paleo – love Jennifer’s cookbooks, recipes as well as her bread (and mix). Her cookbooks and Dr Hyman’s are the only ones I bought in hardcover…now that is commitment to me.

Nom Nom Paleo – just two words…yummy and simple

Smart Baking Company – I recently got introduced to these amazing buns and mini cakes. High in protein and zero gluten makes me a happy girl. I still see this as a treat but sometimes a girl needs a treat

Thrive Market – LOVE Thrive Market for its ability to search by gluten-free only AND low prices. Heads up, this is a referral link to help me cover my gluten-free enchilada sauce addiction. If you click on my link, I get a credit for Thrive Market